Development of a strong public & private partnership


Good methodologies and choices are those that align with your environment, context and culture. Knowing how to listen and understand you, are the key issues allowing us to better advise you.


We will help you to visualize the future, make your vision more clear and coherent for to optimize your adherence, by clarifying all the available resources, opportunities, as well as the socio-economical targets.


The life cycle of a structure will go through of its capacity to improve and to innovate. Our target is to help you to build and to implement your strategy in accordance with your competitiveness

Supervision of big projects

Your capacity to anticipate, to react, and to give a quick response in this business environment are the decisive factors for your success. We are fully aware of it, and we consider that this reactivity is one of the fundamental values to master costs, quality, and delays from the inception to the completion of your big projects.

Organization & Management

The good solutions are those ones that work. Implementing them with the simplest way, will be a key success factor in your mission. We are specially attached to recommend you the most realistic and effective solutions

Change behavior

In order to obtain long term results, your teams must endorse and embrace the change. We would like to engage you throughout the entire process, not only in order to gain consensus, but to ensure a better knowledge transfer of this know how.

Study realization

Our activities consist of understanding the needs of our clients and to master the technological aspects.

Satellite information systems

Our offers based on the satellite information related to the teledetection, the urban cartography, the rural land register, the decision-making aid…, enable you to control permanently in situ the availability of the resources of your territory in order to satisfy your needs.

Financings and technical partners

Nowadays, Africa clearly seems to be one of the future opportunities for humanity, due to its richness beyond the richness of its soil, viable resources, but yet unexploited, for the entire planet. We will propose you to find financing opportunities and possibilities for transfer of technologies, due to our network of world class partners in the new technology that we have already selected to you around the world.